What Do I Do?

The aim of the game is to battle monsters in the battle link, defeat them and win exp and gold, if they defeat you, you lose exp and gold! Gain enough exp to level up and gain enough gold to upgrade your equipment in the shop link. There are 11 bosses in the relm and the first person to kill each one will me imortalised in the high scores.

Which stat should I increase?

Each person will build their account differently, but the basis of all stats are:

  • Strength = Increased damage to monsters.
  • Attack = Increased chance to hit to monsters.
  • Defence = Reduce the damage taken from monsters.
  • Speed = Increase the chance to dodge a monsters attack.

What is Nano? What is the Nano shop?

Nano is a cryptocurrecny that makes money efficient for a more equal world - simple to pay with, easy to integrate and open to all. It is feeless, eco-friendly & instant. You can get some free Nano from many faucets around the web. The Nano Shop showcases the use of Nano as a microtransactions, in the truest form. 1 gold in game costs 0.000001 Nano at current prices that is £0.000000491. This is just a small shop to buy some exp or gold, this is currently limited to a maximum of 10% of your current exp or gold to stop abuse and pay to win.

How did you integrate Nano?

The Nano integration on this site is using PHP to connect to a Nano node. Each user upon signup gets generated a unique address which they can deposit Nano to. This is a live balance of the account, when a purchase from the shop is made the node sends the corresponding balance to an external address and your balance on your unique address reflects this. On the shop page when making any transactions it is interacting with the node to make sure you have enough Nano in your account.

Who made the amazing images of the bosses?

These images were commissioned from none other than the king of bald NanoIsSuperior. Find him on discord to commission your own!

This is the beta version of the game, stats, upgrades, levels can and may be reset at any time.